Take Time To Breathe

I just heard this story ( for the second time actually, but it makes more meaning to me now), and I want to share.

A stressed man was in his office thinking deeply. Suddenly, a man ran inside shouting “Peter, your daughter Tonia just had an accident and died”. Shocked and confused, he jumped out of his office through the window.

As soon as he did, he remembered that his office was on the 7th floor. As he descended lower, he remembered that he didn’t have a daughter called Tonia, still descending he remembered that he was not even married. Just two floors before he hit the ground, he realized that his name was not even Peter.

Stress is not a welcomed situation we like to find ourselves in, but one we cannot avoid no matter how we try. But we can learn to manage stress, emphasis on the word ‘learn’. It’s a process, but good for our health and well being in the long run. One way of managing stress is taking deep breathes. Breathing deep and exhaling helps to reduce the tension in our body to a great extent, then we are able to have a clearer view of the whole circumstance we are in.

I am going through one particular situation right now that I thought would not resurface since it had happened before and a lesson was supposed to have been learnt from it. But no, it apparently doesn’t work that way and I have really had it up to here. Beauty of it however, is that my approach to it is much more calculated and matured based on previous experience and a lot of  motivational and spiritual help and upliftment.

Let’s take time to breathe and exhale in all circumstance, then we can approach challenges with more clear minds. Life is a journey, and like other journeys we embark on, some of the routes we take are filled with bad roads, pot holes, flooded roads, immigration challenges and so on. We still do not mind enduring and overcoming all these obstacles because we have our minds and eyes set on our goals which is our final destinations.

We never know, such situations add to our life experiences and we are able and privileged to encourage others in the same situation in future and also provide the same comfort we enjoyed to them. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4.

Lets take time to breathe, so we can strengthen our wings to fly and not end up falling down from the 7th floor.

“Don’t forget to pray, Don’t be afraid to pray, and Don’t be too proud to pray because prayer changes things”.-  Steve Harvey Nation.


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