Burning Down the House – The Fire Drill

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

Thoughts like these come to mind once in a while . It’s like the quarterly fire drill that you have to go through in the office, school or any other regular social gathering place. What to do, where to avoid, where to go (the muster point), and then, the head count.

Planning ahead of such occurences is very important even though we pray they never come to light, but regular practice and mindset alignment makes acceptance and moving forward easier to attain.

So, the five things I will grab if the house is on fire knowing first of all that my husband and kids are out of arms way are:

1. My iPad – It has substantial amount of my documents and other applications for work, educational and bible studies that can easily be retrieved. I’ll probably just buy a new charger pack because there’s the likelyhood I won’t think about that at all.

2. My iPhone – Of course I need to be able to call the fire department, loved ones that may be worried and to keep my contact list.

3. My wallet – Cash, ATM cards, ID cards etc will definitely come in handy.

4. Document bag – This bag contains all my credentials, including vital assets documents and the kids’ documents like their birth certificates, medical documents and the likes.

5. Car Keys – After one or two emergency experiences, I’ve learnt to keep my car keys in a common area that is easily accessible, where I can just pick up for a quick get away.

What five things will you take with you?

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