Who am I & Why am I here?

It’s a new year so, Happy New Year Everyone. May we have the desire, determination and discipline to work towards achieving our goals and aspirations for 2015. I started to create this blog about three months ago as a challenge to do something different and challenging. You know, push myself out there and see if I have something I can offer to at least someone, maybe even me. The whole three months I did not have an idea what to write, my fingers always getting stuck on the keyboard. Even right now I can see that I am rambling and I have not completed the design of the blog page as I am yet to get a hang of things. Coming across Blogging 101 on WordPress yesterday and registering for it was definitely divine. Don’t get me wrong, I have an idea of what I want to write about. This blog is focused on the life worth living. Our beliefs,  choices, mind sets  and relationships that shape our life.This was originally not meant to be public since I just wanted to question my own state of mind, relationship with God, my family and the society as well as  career moves and choices. I guess I should see how far that goes. Other related topics and the likes will be added over time as they arise. As we go along this journey together, we will all be able to ask ourselves the question “who am I and why am I here ?” at every stage of our endeavors. Who know, for those folks that still set new year resolutions for themselves, this can be a form of performance measure for necessary realignments. Happy New Year!!!

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